A Peep Into Some of The Benefits of Agile Software Development!

There are many forms of software development in the current platform of information technology, and agile software development life cycle is one of them. This is a kind of software development which is based on a group of principles. The principles define that the needs and solutions develop through association between cross-functional and self-managing teams. This form of software development helps in promoting evolutionary development, adaptive planning, regular improvement, as well as early delivery.

There are numbers of reasons for which this kind of software development is used. For example, Agile software development encourages quick as well as flexible response to alteration. As a matter of fact, agile form of software development has never promoted or defined any particular methods to accomplish the target. Rather, the methods of this form of software development have developed as an outcome of being perceived as agile.

Agile Development
Agile Development | Image Resource: solutionguidance.com

Benefits of Agile Software Development

  • Engagement of Stakeholder – This form of software development provides many chances to stakeholders as well as promotes team engagement. These all happen prior to, during, as well as after each sprint. Like it was mentioned above, this form of software development helps to create a deeper and high degree of bond between the project team as well as their clients. In this way, more opportunities are rendered to the team, containing the vision of the client.
  • Transparency – In agile software development methodology, the clients get a number of opportunities regarding the involvement in the project. The client can also get himself involved in setting the priority of the features, planning the iteration, and even reviewing the sessions. Nevertheless, on the other hand the client needs to comprehend that the developers are still working on the project and too much of involvement would not be good.
  • Quick and Predictable Delivery – Since fixed schedules are used in this case, and each schedule comes with a fixed amount of time, therefore it turns out to be easier to finish the project in time. In addition, the delivery of the final project can also be predicted through this way. This is the reason why companies like Intelegain Technologies are being trusted highly by their clients when it comes to agile software development model.
  • Cost Prediction – This is another major advantage of using Agile based software development. Since the sprints are fixed in this case, and they come with a certain amount of time, therefore the cost can be predicted quite easily; in addition, this system also help in predicting the approx cost of the features used during the development. This benefit of Agile software development certainly goes to the client, as he will be completely prepared to strategize his new business tool, and will also be able to manage his finances in a better way.